We are pleased to be able to offer a full repertoire of catering services as part of our Campus Dining Program. From simple parties and bountiful buffets, to elaborate dinners and elegant events, our Catering Department can be the solution to your special event needs. For more information, call our Catering Department at 817-257-5239 or send them an email at catering@tcu.edu.

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Please Note:

  • 10 days notice is preferred for parties of 30 people and over in size.
  • 5 days is preferred for parties of 29 people and less in size.
  • Catering Orders received less than 3 business days prior, may be subject to additional fees.
  • Orders received after 5:00p.m. will be reviewed on the next business day.
  • Next Day Orders may not be accepted after 10am.

If you are not contacted by the Catering Office by the end of the next business day, please contact us at 817-257-5239 to verify your request was received or if you did not receive a confirmation.

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