Your Dining Team

We are proud to serve you every day and want to ensure you have an exceptional experience whenever you dine with us.

Market Square

  • Lamont Meriwether

    Lamont Meriwether

    Market Square Director

  • Russell Humphries

    Russell Humphries

    Executive Chef - Market Square

  • Jordan Rogers

    Jordan Rogers

    Executive Chef - Market Square

  • Erica Williams


    Erica Williams

    Market Square Manager

  • Mystee Streetman

    Mystee Streetman

    Market Square Manager


  • Rick Flores


    Rick Flores

    Director of Retail

  • Monica Luna Gaarz

    Monica Luna Gaarz

    Retail Manager - King Family Commons Building

  • Sonia Hernandez

    Sonia Hernandez

    Retail Manager - Bistro & Smith

  • Madison Blagg

    Madison Blagg

    Retail Manager - King Family Commons Building


  • Graciela Todd


    Graciela Todd

    Catering General Manager

  • Vicente Ilustre

    Vicente Ilustre

    Catering Manager

  • Wade Goodmay

    Wade Goodmay

    Executive Catering Chef

  • Raschelle Solano

    Raschelle Solano

    Executive Catering Chef

  • Deidra Rosales


    Deidra Rosales

    Catering Manager - S&L

  • Beth Turzer


    Beth Turzer

    Catering Manager - Campus Catering

Sports & Leisure

  • Jerry Grefer


    Jerry Grefer

    General Manager - Sports & Liesure

  • Kyle Hollingsworth


    Kyle Hollingsworth

    Operations Director

  • Eric Davis


    Eric Davis

    Executive Chef, Performance Athletics Dining

  • Frank Horak

    Frank Horak

    Senior Supervisor

  • Yuridia Huerta

    Yuridia Huerta

    NPO Coordinator

District Support

  • Michael Dahl

    Michael Dahl

    Regional District Manager

  • Scott Majestic

    Scott Majestic

    General Manager

  • Jean Richardson


    Jean Richardson

    Office Manager

  • Swati Bharathi

    Swati Bharathi

    Unit Marketing Specialist

  • John Flores

    John Flores

    Director of Culinary

  • Shelley Roaten


    Shelley Roaten

    Registered Dietitian - MS, RD, CSSD, LD

  • Paula Jimenez

    Paula Jimenez

    Operations Assistant